What is SEO? (Ep. 07)

SEO is the optimisation of your site or content in order to improve its chances of being visible to your target audience. Utilising SEO...

Email Marketing (Ep. 06)

Email marketing is a digital marketing channel that promotes your business through email. It's a method of contacting customers that have a

Website Marketing, (Ep. 05)

Websites allow for potential customers and clients to gather all the information they need about your business and services all in one...

Marketing Strategy, Part 2 (Ep. 04)

Choosing the appropriate KPIs that will monitor and measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing tactics can be overwhelming at...

Marketing Strategy, Part One (Ep. 03)

Creating and developing your marketing strategy is one of the most essential aspects of ensuring marketing success for your business.

Preliminary & Market Research (Ep. #02)

customers and clients have become dependent on digital technology in order to research and compare products, services and also to gather...


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Digital Marketing, The Fundamentals

This podcast series talks about everything you need to know to be successful at Digital Marketing. Whether it is for your existing small business, or you want to create a start-up, or perhaps you want to change career; we cover all aspects of digital marketing for businesses. Our topics will range from websites, podcasts and blogs, to social media marketing.