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3 Tips for Nurturing Your Pipeline

Whether your main focus is on inbound or outbound lead generation, a strategy to nurture your pipeline (also known as lead nurturing) is essential.

Here are our top 3 tips!

  1. Build relationships at every stage of the funnel At each point in your sales funnel, you should be making the most of each opportunity to connect and build a relationship with your potential customer or client. This means providing value at each stage. This could be through free downloads, or even by being consistent by having the same team member follow the client through the buyer journey.

  2. Retargeting is Key Retargeting ads mean that you can target prospective clients or customers that have already shown an interest in your product or services. Using retargeting ads, you can target potential clients or customers that have viewed a percentage of a video, visited your website, engaged with a company page, and more.

  3. Use a multi-channel approach Designing a multi-channel lead generation strategy ensures that you can reach your desired audience across multiple platforms and channels. These channels may include: email marketing, social media platforms, search engine ads, tv, print, bus signs, blog posts, and more. Through this approach you can find and reach your audience more easily and increase frequency, which will ultimately increase in familiarity with your brand.

Value should always be at the forefront of customer or client acquisition.

Decide what value you can offer your audience and use this to design and optimise the nurturing of your pipeline.

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