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Digital Marketing Trends & Tips for 2023

A brand new year brings brand marketing trends. As a business owner or marketing manager, it is essential to keep up to date on the new approaches and methods to digital markeitng. Here are some 2023 digital marketing trends and tips to incorporate into your marketing strategies.

AI: Smart Bots, GPT-4 release in 2023.

Conversational chatbots are the way forward in online customer service and customer retention. Smartbots are able to understand the action required and put the customer in contact with the correct human to respond to their needs. Smartbots are a great way to provide an instant response to your customer, giving you time to respond. It provides a route to 24hr customer service that provides an avenue of communication for your customer. This marketing trend for 2023 provides your business with a smart and efficient virtual assistant!


Marketing needs to be diverse and inclusive. Inclusive marketing is nothing new, but its importance has been emphasised even more over the last few years, and this is not set to slow down in 2023. When planning inclusive marketing, it is important to consider principles such as: the tone, context, representation, and language. It is important to make sure that all your marketing efforts adhere to inclusive marketing. You want to connect with your audience, not hurt or offend. Your audience is even more important than your product, they are the driving force behind every business and marketing decision you make. Thinking critically about inclusive marketing when you engage with your audience is essential.


“First-party data strategy” needs to be discussed with confidence within your business in 2023. Third party cookies are on the verge of extinction in 2023 which means that business owners and marketing managers need to refocus and rethink their data and privacy models and infrastructure.

The significant changes in the use of third party cookies however, does not mean you can no longer gain valuable insights and data from your marketing campaigns. Measuring data drives decision making and future planning - the data you need can still be gained through developing a first-party data strategy.

First party data is the data you have gained and kept about your customers with their consent. With this data you can revamp your marketing to create an even more personalised experience for your customer.

Super Apps

Super apps consolidate a variety of services all onto one platform! Large brands have already started to advertise via these platforms to market their products and services. Marketing your services or products via a super app is a marketing avenue to watch out for in 2023.

New to the term “super apps”? Find out more here!

Tik Tok & Video Marketing

Many of the social media platforms in main usage today are competing to be the “go-to” for short form video content. Tik-Tok has dominated the arena since its release, but other platforms are putting in the work to catch up to the social media giant.

Tik-Tok is super focused on improving its tools for businesses and creators. Keep up to date on the platform’s creative tools here!

The interaction and engagement with video marketing content shows no sign of slowing down - Here are some eye-opening 2022 video marketing statistics to guide your content marketing for 2023.

We hope you have found this article useful whilst you continue to develop and adapt your 2023 marketing strategy!


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