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Royal Mail Strikes in the UK

Mail Strikes are causing havoc for business owners in the UK.

Whilst we completely understand why these strikes are taking place, they have had severe consequences for business, especially smaller businesses.

There are weeks of delays on packages being delivered both within the UK and from the UK internationally. We understand that not receiving packages, particularly at this time of year, can be extremely frustrating for customers.

That said, however, we cannot condone the messages and hate that have been directed at these business owners that are doing all they can to meet demands.


Many business owners, even some of our clients, have been left distraught by the messages they have received. Businesses are doing their best to ensure that you receive your orders. Once they have fulfilled the order and put out for delivery, the package is quite literally out of their hands.

Businesses have utilised various marketing avenues to inform their customers of these delays and have attempted to announce any new upcoming strikes to their audience as soon as they find out themselves.

Please take the time to remember that the person your emails and messages go through to is human. They are under a lot of pressure. They are doing their best. They have done everything they possibly can to get your order fulfilled.

Business owners understand your frustration, they are sharing it also.

Please, be kind in a season that should fill us with hope and gratitude. Everyone is doing their best, treat business owners (in fact, everyone) with respect and kindness.

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