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Avoiding Loneliness and Isolation for Business Owners

Social and emotional connections are parts of our most basic psychlogical needs. Owning a business can be incredibly exciting, but many business owners struggle in the face of occupational loneliness. We've put together 5 tips for avoiding loneliness as a business owner:

  1. Form Connections

Many business owners are solely responsible for the growth of their company. With this responsibility comes pressure. When we are not surrounded by like-minded people, this pressure can deepen and turn into imposter syndrome and self-doubt. Making connections with other business owners allows us to share our experiences with others and understand that we are not alone in these experiences. Ways to build connections with other business owners include:

  • Grow and participate in online communities

  • Join Facebook Groups

  • Attend networking events

  • Start deep-work sessions with other business owners and entrepreneurs

  • Attend both in person and online events

2. Find a Coach or Mentor

Business coaches and mentors support your journey as a business owner. They can give new perspecties, offer guidance, and become an accountability parnter. Business coaches can help you navigate your goals and aid you on your path to success. Here are some directories to help in your search for a coach/mentor:

3. A Change of Scenery

Get out the office. A lot of entrepreneurs work remotely, but sometimes this can mean working in the same four walls day in and day out. Look for shared workspaces, hot desking, libraries, coffee shops etc. Being outside of your usual workspace can spark creativity and help you feel less alone through being surrounded by others.

4. Social Time and Hobbies

Work-life balance is not an easy thing to achieve and it takes continuous reassessment. Here are some ways to help you achieve a better balance:

  • Carve out time for a hobby - particularly a social one

  • Time for physical activity and time outdoors

  • Make time for face to face connections

5. Celebrate Successes

Business owners are usually so focused on the future that we can often forget to celebrate the here and now, and the small successes that build into our future plans. It is important to acknowledge and celebrate your successes, even smaller ones. Whether its a social media post, a celebratory brunch, or an internal announcement to your team, take the time to feel proud of your business achievements!

Being a business owner comes with many trials and struggles, but it also comes with incredible rewards. It is important to remember that you are not alone in your business endeavors. Try our tips above to connect with others and combat occupational loneliness.

Should you need further help or assistance, here are some links:

For wellbeing resources:

For urgent help:


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