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Is the IOS14.5 update bad for online marketing?

IOS14.5 is an operations system update from Apple. The update was released on 26th April 2021 and has many features, the most prominent to marketers however, was the privacy framework App Tracking Transparency (ATT). According to, with this new update Apple users can "receive a prompt when an app wants to track you across apps or websites owned by other companies...and decide if you'll give permission." It gives the user more understanding of the privacy practices within apps.

For marketers and businesses that rely on tracking data to shape business and ad strategy, this update results in a loss of access to large amounts of significant data. Whilst, yes, this is an issue that does not yet have a solid solution, there are a few recommended responses to this dilemma.

The first of which is proposed by Apple themselves - SKAdNetwork. SKAdNetwork is a method of attaining data for and from online advertisement. According to Advertising networks must register with Apple, and developers must work to ensure that their apps are compatible with the registered networks and the new framework". There are other issues with this method, the most prominent being the delay in the data of between 24-28hours ( Is there a bright side to IOS14.5?

1. "Transparency Breeds Trust" Many social sites have received bad press due to antitrust issues, this could ease the distrust that has started to build in people's minds concerning their data and privacy.

2. An Opportunity to Educate Consumers

Perhaps a more appropriate response to such updates is to encourage users to share their data - explain how their data can help small business, explain how their data can tailor their online experiences to suit their needs and preferences.

"Android’s market share will reach 87% in 2022, forecasts suggest. So far, the iOS market share in 2019 is 22.17%". -

3. Android users are Unaffected Android users will not be effected by these changes since IOS14.5 is specific to Apple devices. According to, "Android’s market share will reach 87% in 2022, forecasts suggest. So far, the iOS market share in 2019 is 22.17%". This means that there is still a vast amount of data available to Digital Marketing Managers!

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