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Making Money Through Internet Marketing

In an economic landscape that has forced many businesses and brands to shift to a laser-focus on their Digital Marketing activities, the question is, how can they best maximise impact and make money in this channel?

E-Commerce (Web Commerce)

Having a functioning website is the bedrock of your Digital Marketing approach. Creating a space where customers and clients can access information about you and your products and services is key, and can easily be created using web-builder apps and tools. You will also want to ensure that customers can easily find your website by optimising it for search. By paying attention to keywords being used in copy and content, you can make sure that you are as visible as possible to your target audience. (Find out more about SEO here)

Content Marketing

Once your website is optimised, you’ll need to keep it populated with content that speaks to your products and services, but also to your customer and their interests.

Communicating with audiences through creative content will help you to establish and maintain connections with your community. Commit to posting regularly with insightful, interesting and unique content that solves problems, entertains and informs.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is best reserved for your existing customers. It’s a great way to re-engage people who have shopped with you before and to re-introduce them to your products and content. You can also create campaigns for new services and business updates and offers in order to drive more sales.

You can also collect information from potential customers through paid ads and include them in your Email Marketing by informing them of your brand and product offering.

Email Marketing requires consistency and patience in order to see results.

Social Media Marketing

Often the most effective Digital Marketing channel, Social Media Marketing offers a huge pool of millions of users for you to communicate with on various platforms. After you have created Business Profiles for your brand, ensure that they are connected to each other and to your website so that your customer journey is as easy and uninterrupted as possible. Post regularly and consistently with innovative content that captures attention in this busy space. Social Media is unique in being a direct channel of communication to and with your audience – they can react, connect, advocate for and chat to you in real time, and with Business profiles being free on all of these channels, it’s a cost-effective way to build an engaged customer base.

Paid Ads

Running promotional ads for your brand or business across platforms like Google or Facebook can be very cost-effective, and as long as you pay attention to best practice, can perform well in terms of ROI. Essentially, you pay for your advert to appear in spaces where you know that your potential (or existing) customers are most likely to be, and then you pay for every click on your ad via Google or Facebook, or whoever you have chosen to host your campaign. (Find out about Paid Ads in more detail here)


About the Author: Stephanie Weekes

Stephanie is a Freelance Social Media Manager and Marketing Consultant. With almost 10 years of experience working in-house with global brands and agencies, she has an in-depth understanding of multi-channel marketing and brand management.

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