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WooCommerce & Google Integration

Google is expanding its services to integrate itself to further facilitate digital commerce.

What does this mean?

According to, on 9th June 2021 Google launched a new WooCommerce integration. This integration will allow the products of WooCommerce sellers to be integrated with Google's search platform and shopping features.

Key Point:

WooCommerce merchants can list their products with google in order to appear in Google searches, appear in Google's shopping features and will also be accessible through the YouTube platform.

"The announcement affects 4.4million merchants who use WooCommerce, and will now be able to list their goods with a few clicks and at no charge" -


If you are a WooCommerce merchant you'll also be pleased to know that all of this can be set up directly through your WooCommerce dashboard. From your dashboard you'll be able to upload your product inventory, create Google product listings, utilise and launch Google ad campaigns and monitor those all-important KPI's and metrics!

Want to know more?

Take a look at our recommended resources:

1. Google's Company Blog:

Still have questions?

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