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5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas!

With the changing season, it’s time to get ready for one of the best sales opportunities within the year! Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Commencing on the 25th of November this year, Black Friday, or Cyber Weekend as some stores are now calling the event, is a great opportunity to boost sales before the Christmas period. Last year, a whopping 56% of consumers made purchases during the Black Friday event, most of which were online, with 55% of consumers spending more last year than they did in 2020 during the event.(

We at CMM have put together the 5 best tips for making the most out of Black Friday this year and putting together a winning marketing strategy!

Create a sense of urgency with promotional previews!

Grab your customers' attention with presale previews on what you will be offering this Black Friday. Create an email blast and social media posts featuring a countdown to the event. Featuring a countdown creates anticipation with your customers and lets them know something great is on the way! You can also feature a banner on your website with the countdown included for those customers who visit your site, letting them know that special deals are on their way to them! Unsure of the best way to put together an amazing marketing email? We’ve got you covered!

Put together a gift guide for your customers who need an extra helping hand!

Sometimes your customers may have a person in mind for a gift but not be sure on what exactly to give. This is where a gift guide comes in extra handy in getting those extra purchases. Black Friday is a great opportunity for your customers to save some pennies this fall and by putting together a gift guide for your customers, you are making their time shopping with you even more pleasant.

Send your customers your gift guide through email marketing, create social media posts that include your gift guide and also pop it on your website for all your customers to see. We recommend getting the gift guide up as soon as possible to make the most of the Black Friday event! We even have a handy guide on creating the best gift guide around!

Here is a Christmas Gift Guide example from our amazing client Inky Apparel Creations:

Get selling through your social commerce!

Sometimes it’s a little difficult getting your customers from your social media to your website in order to purchase your products or services, so cut out the middle man ready for Black Friday! Get all your social media platforms integrated so your customers can purchase directly from that social media platform. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook or TikTok shop, your customers will greatly appreciate the ease of a quick purchase directly through your content! By doing this you also make the most of those impulse buys!

Sweeten the deal with rewards!

No matter how good your discounts and deals are this Black Friday, the event is also a great opportunity to really treat your customers and create some brand loyalty! Offer rewards after a minimum spend such as a discount code to be used in the future or a free gift to be sent to them with their order. The offer of a free gift or further discount may just be the thing that encourages your customer to spend a little more with you but it also creates a sense of value with your customer ensuring they will shop with you repeatedly.

Invest in paid ads this Black Friday!

Black Friday already gives you the groundwork to create an amazing ad campaign, so run with it this November! Your customers are already excited about this worldwide event so utilize the buzz and reach an even wider audience with paid ads. With Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and TikTok, there are multiple audiences you can reach, so choose one or two (or all!) platforms that suit what you want in a customer! Want it a little help navigating paid ads, not to worry, we have the resources for you!

With these 5 amazing marketing tips, your Black Friday is sure to be a success this year! Want some more marketing tips for the autumn season then check out our other marketing resources!

We understand that creating a marketing strategy can be daunting and stressful but we are on hand to help with any of your needs! Want help with your marketing strategy and not sure where to start? We have you covered with our new consultation service!

We can take a look at your business, discuss your current marketing strategy and what you want to gain from a marketing strategy and tailor one specifically for you and your business ensuring future success. Book Now!


About the Author

Carris is our Operations Supervisor and Digital MArketing Assistant at CMM. Carris (alongside her best friend Abbie) is one of the founders of Inky Apparel Creations.




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